Meine ersten Bücher

Endlich ist es geschafft! Meine ersten Bücher sind auf Amazon Kindle online.
Mit der Handy-App „Kindle“ kann man nun ganz einfach die Bücher am Smartphone lesen. So einfach wie noch nie!

Wer hätte gedacht, dass ich nochmal Autor werde? Nun wahrscheinlich keiner, aber Tatsache ist, dass ich nun schon 12 Bücher veröffentlicht habe und ich schätze der finanzielle Erfolg wird sich auch bald einstellen. Meine Bücher findet ihr auf Amazon hier. Ich halte meine liebe Community auf jeden Fall auf dem Laufenden und verspreche euch: I’ll keep you updated.

Bald werden meine Soundcloud-Tracks hier zum Verkauf angeboten!


Kurzes Update:

Hallo Zusammen, ich wollte euch nur mitteilen, dass ich bald meine 127 Soundcloud-Tracks hier günstig zum Verkauf und Download anbieten werde. 🙂

Ich bin gerade am Bauen der Seite, ein wenig Geduld noch. 🙂

Das wars auch schon wieder.

Hier ist der Link zu meinem Soundcloud-Profil:



AT&T is Launching 5G for Consumers, Note 10+ 5G is the First Phone

ATT Note 10 5G

AT&T launched its 5G+ service at the tail end of 2018 and then expanded into several new markets throughout most of this year. That 5G+ network wasn’t for consumers, though, and was instead only available to business customers. For regular folk like us, AT&T has other plans that will go live over the coming weeks. AT&T will launch regular 5G before the end of 2019 and offer up one of Samsung’s best phones to connect to it.

AT&T 5G Network and Cities

Before we close out 2019, AT&T will turn on their 5G network over low-band (sub-6) spectrum that will spread out over large swaths of land and cover millions of people outside of cities, unlike its 5G+ network that can’t reach much beyond a block. The first phone capable of connecting to it will be the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G.

This low-band 5G will launch initially in Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Providence, Rochester, and San Diego. Following those cities, they’ll push 5G into Boston, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, New York City, San Francisco, Birmingham, Bridgeport, Conn., Buffalo, Louisville, and San Jose. After that, the plan is to push nationwide 5G over the first half of 2020.

With this low-band 5G, the focus will be on reach. As you’ll see in the graphic below, sub-6 spectrum can reach customers that are almost 2 miles out, which will help AT&T cover much greater areas than they can with their current 5G+ (mmW) setup. Low-band 5G is the portion of a 5G world that may not produce 2Gbps download speeds, but will still offer low latency connections for gaming, navigation, and real-time communications. Think of it as really good 4G LTE, only with a snappier signal.

AT&T low-band 5G

Once this service goes live, it’s the only 5G consumers will be able to connect to. AT&T is keeping 5G+ for business accounts only at this time, and that could be because the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G can only connect to low-band 5G, not both. I’m assuming here, based on a similar situation with T-Mobile’s 5G launch. As you are well aware, 5G is kind of a mess at the moment and will be for a good couple of years.

As for the Note 10+ 5G from AT&T, it’ll be available on November 25, starting at $43.34/mo.

AT&T 5G Plans

When it comes to 5G service plans, AT&T is going to add-on 5G to their recently launched AT&T Unlimited Elite and Unlimited Extra plans. In other words, to start, you won’t pay extra to have 5G as long as you are on one of those two plans. We don’t know if that will change in the future.

So yeah, AT&T is launching 5G for consumers using low-band (sub-6) spectrum that will bring greater reach and accessibility to many people. It’ll start to go live over the coming weeks in the markets we listed above. We’ll let you know as it goes live!

// AT&T


Dropshipping Made Easy: How You Can Dropship With a $0 Budget

Dropshipping is the perfect solution for new entrepreneurs with a low budget & it’s the best way to start a low-cost business with minimal upkeep required.

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Open Finance Fundamentals: Synthetic asset protocol bursts onto the scene in 2019

This is the first issue of a weekly series where we will explore the mechanics behind major Open Finance protocols and evaluate them on a fundamental basis.

The first project we’re looking at is Synthetix ($SNX), a platform to gain exposure to a variety of real-world and crypto assets – without users or another party needing to hold them.

Details on how Synthetix works can be found on the asset page, but in short, it uses an „infinite liquidity“ peer-to contract model that relies on a pool of collateral to creates synthetic assets. Similar to how DAI represents $1 and it is backed by ETH, sUSD represents $1 and is backed by SNX. Where Synthetix differs is that you can take the dollar-pegged asset and go the Synthetix Exchange to change it to represent $1 of BTC. This exchange (which is really just a repricing of debt owed to the system) charges a 0.3% fee which is available to claim for those staking the collateral/minting the assets.

If you were looking to measure the growth of this network, a key indicator would be the exchange volume and related fees charged.

In March, Synthetix implemented changes to its monetary policy, opting for inflation to subsidize stakers. This change was pivotal in bootstrapping interest in creating assets to be exchanged, and as you can see, volume started picking up towards the end of spring. As the volume increased and more fees were paid to stakers, the SNX tokens become more valuable. This fundamental growth of the network was reflected in the price of the token over time demonstrating a shift towards a more rational market. Going forward as the inflation rate decreases, the exchange volume will be a key indicator of the overall growth of the network and the sustainability of the SNX market.


Power Up 3 Apple Products At Once With This Portable Power Bank [Deals Hub]

Apple junkies know the pain of your iPhone dying, only to then turn to your Apple Watch and see it’s running low as well. Even worse? When the AirPods are in need of a charge, too! Fortunately, there’s a convenient charging solution thanks to the 3-in-1 Wireless Power Bank for Apple iWatch, iOS & AirPods. It’s available now in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for just $32, 67% off the $99.99 MSRP with promo code: BFSAVE20. It comes in black and gray, black, black and red, and black and silver.

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I’m going to the @UNLCollegeofLaw

…tomorrow for visit. Recently, I had the opportunity to hear scientist – lawyer Dr. A. Christal Sheppard speak about her interesting career and thought… “Time to visit to my mater’s law school!”

I have been interested in legal studies since I was a wee lass spending Saturdays in the public library reading about collateral estoppel.

True story

Plenty of chemists go into law. The American Chemical Society has a whole division called ‘Chemistry & The Law‘. Now, will I actually go to law school?

There are many, many, many things to consider. Chief among them?

Tuition. WHOA.

Another factor to consider is what type of law to focus on.  CHECK THIS OUT….


I could be a SPACE LAWYER! Picture it!

DrRubidium’s legal knowledge is out of this world!

Firefly meets Reno 911!!! Okay, maybe that’s not accurate…. I’ll find out tomorrow!


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“No idea” gif from Photobucket user dandy_monkey

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UNL Space and Cyber Law image from their twitter account



All the best Cyber Monday deals on phones, chromebooks, headphones, smart home hardware, and more

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Police arrest member of group that hijacked Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account

Law enforcement has struck a blow against the group that compromised Twitter chief Jack Dorsey's account, albeit relatively late. Motherboard has learned that police arrested a former leader of Chuckling Squad (unnamed as the person is a child) roug…