Call Of Duty Mobile Update Brings Controller Support & Zombies

CoD Mobile Zombies

Activision and Tencent are dropping a massive Call of Duty Mobile update tonight that adds the highly-anticipated Zombies mode.

That's not all though, as the update will also introduce official controller support to the game. Prior to this upcoming update, controllers weren't really usable. At least not officially.

If you had something like the Kunai Gamepad with the ROG Phone II, you could set up controller mapping. This didn't feel very smooth though and the in-game touch controls were still better.

With proper controller support, the game may finally feel more comfortable for some players.

Call of Duty Zombies launches officially at 9PM PST

If you're wondering when exactly the update goes live, it should hit phones on the West coast at 9PM PST.

The official Call of Duty Mobile twitter has shared an animated graphic map which displays the time for the update based on time zone. You can see this map below, but the update will launch at the same time for everyone. It'll just vary by whatever time it is locally.

When the update hits, players will finally be able to give the new Zombies Mode a try, adding to the game's two existing modes. Currently players can engage in multiplayer matches of various types, as well as battle royale.

Zombies, being a fan favorite, should make for a well-rounded Call of Duty experience. Especially considering the level of polish Call of Duty Mobile has been given prior to launch.

A new battle pass is coming too

The update's biggest additions are no doubt Zombies, and controller support. There's a lot more included to enjoy though. A new battle pass for example will be there for anyone who plays enough to grind out the rewards you get from it.

There's also going to be new maps to play on. Activision doesn't mention which maps are being added to the game though. So for now this in particular will be a surprise.

The battle pass also doesn't launch right away. Unlike the controller support and Zombies Mode, which go live right at 9PM PST tonight, the battle pass goes live on November 25. So it'll be a bit longer of a wait for that.

Zombies Mode was supposed to officially go live at 9PM PST on November 21. Considering the launch was pushed back, there was likely some stuff that the development teams felt needed addressing before pushing things out to players.

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