About to travel with my iPhone 11 esim, how to use it without incurring high call costs?

So I will have my UK esim and the physical sim slot will be used to put a local sim in so I can get a local data package for cheaper data rates compared to the price of UK data roaming at 50p per MB.

I will leave my UK esim activate to receive any business or family calls to my UK number, but I am wandering, is there a way to know, when somebody is phoning me, if it's by Facetime or to my actual UK number…

I think it's free to receive calls and texts while away but it's like £1.80 per minute to phone UK numbers from outside of the UK and the EU, so don't wanna accidentally be on a 60 minute call with £100 bill.

Can I block myself from MAKING calls and texts on my UK number and instead ONLY RECEIVE them….

It all feels like a con to be honest nowadays having a phone number that is separate to our data prices, I mean £1.80 per minute for calls when I can just use WhatsApp for free… But hey, all the banks and online accounts want our number for security now so they can text you the codes.

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