Jeff Bezos‘ Plan to Save Earth? ‚Move All Heavy Industry into Space‘

The world's richest man made some interesting remarks Saturday when he became one of eight inductees into the International Air & Space Hall of Fame for founding the spaceflight services company Blue Origin in 2000.

The Times of San Diego reports:
He described the origins of his space infatuation. Bezos said he told his high school paper he wanted to start a space company to save the environment and „eventually turn Earth into a national park.“ Saturday, he said: „I believe that, one day, Earth will be zoned residential and light industry. We'll move all heavy industry into space. That's the only way, really, to save this planet.“

The 55-year-old Washington Post owner (and would-be NFL team buyer) invoked the story of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. „You can't start an interesting space company in your dorm room,“ he said. „It's just too hard. It's too expensive. We want to change that.“ Reducing „the price of admission“ to space is this generation's mission and his own, he said, „and the next generation will see a dynamic explosion of entrepreneurial talent the same way you have on the Internet.“

His goal is „real operational usability“ — having rockets fly to space and return to earth (landing vertically as his Blue Shepards have done 10 times straight successfully) with regularity. Instead of disassembling and inspecting rockets after each flight, he said, the aim is making space trips „close to aircraft flight operations… You land, refuel and fly again.“ He said our grandkids' grandkids shouldn't have to face a planet that's „finite.“ „You want a dynamic civilization that continues to use more and more energy and more and more resources and build amazing things,“ he said.

„And to do that, you have to move out into the solar system.“

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