Fixed my old „security issues“ that I didn’t think of before… private key / crypto storage talk, anyone?

Recently I purchased a new phone and downloaded my usual multi-crypto wallet of choice. I was thinking of restoring my wallet state by private key, which was stored on a USB thumb-drive in a password-protected notepad file.

Then I remember seeing various posts here on reddit where users mentioned that they stored their keys in similar formats behind various forms of encryption. I decided to just generate a new wallet, and write down my private key on a sheet of paper and put it in my storage safe. Then, of course, I sent all of the crypto to the wallet on my new phone. Eventually I will commit the private key to memory.

Bear in mind I am not trying to point the finger at anyone and say „Digital storage of private keys is not safe.“ But from my perspective and understanding the safest digital storage of private keys is usually industry-grade cybersecurity. Basically the same solutions that banks use for their cybersecurity.

Just my two cents. I'd like to hear yours.

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