Buyer’s Guide 2019: The Best iPhone Chargers of the Year

If you've been looking for a new iPhone charger, whether a car charger, a wireless charger, or a fast charger, we have some great options for you in our 2019 Buyer's Guide. Let's go over some of the best chargers of the year, so you can decide if one or more of them will meet your charging needs at home, at work, and on your commute.


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Busoh LED iPhone Charger ($17.99)

Our associate editor Leanne Hays has been loving this light-up Made for iPhone-certified cable from Busoh. The speed of the light coiling up the cable indicates how fast your phone is charging, stopping to indicate when your phone is fully charged. If you have pets though, be warned—Leanne’s cats were so entranced that they chewed through it as soon as they got a chance.


iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Charging Car Mount ($54.95)

Finding a good car charger is harder than it sounds, but this one from iOttie checks all the boxes. First of all, it uses sensors to automatically adjust to fit to your device (no need to install a magnet to the back of your phone!). Secondly, it wirelessly charges your phone on the go, which is especially great as navigation apps tend to drain your battery. Lastly, the viewing angle is very adjustable and comes with air vent, CD slot, and dash mount options, making it a good option in almost any vehicle.

Low-Profile iPhone Chargers


Totallee Wireless Charger ($49)

I keep this extraordinarily thin and light wireless charging pad on my desk to power my iPhone 11 Pro and second-generation AirPods while I work. Its slim profile and light-gray cloth design blend in whether you use it in the office or bedroom. The charger is fast and futureproof too, with 10 watts of power (the iPhone currently maxes out at 7.5 watts but may support more in the future). I found I can place my devices anywhere on the mat, unlike some of the finicky wireless chargers I’ve tried before. Conveniently, an LED indicator lights up to let me know my device is charging.


Anker Soundcore Wakey ($99.99)

Alarm clock, wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker—the Soundcore Wakey consolidates everything you need for your nightstand into one handy gadget. It has a Qi wireless charging pad built into the top that you can place your phone on at night to recharge. Once you pair the Wakey with its iPhone companion app, the time will automatically sync, and you can begin controlling features like ambient noise, alarms, and music from your phone. The speaker power pales in comparison to the UE Wonderboom ($99.99) I usually use when hosting parties at my house but works great for listening to audiobooks or music solo. The biggest drawback is that the digits are bright if you like to sleep in total darkness.

Best-Kept Secret


Belkin Boost Charge USB-C Cable & Adapter ($29.99 for cable, $15.49 for adapter)

I bet you didn’t know that you can charge your iPhone up to 50 percent in a half hour. Fast charging has flown under the radar for the past two years since it came out with the iPhone X and iPhone 8, because Apple didn’t include the necessary USB-C to Lightning cable to support it until now with the iPhone 11 line. If you’re not buying a new iPhone or you just want a second set, this cable and adapter from Belkin will do the trick. The adapter has an extra USB-A port for charging a second device, and the USB-C to Lightning cable is one of the nicer ones I’ve ever owned. Belkin’s cable is sturdy, with an inner layer constructed of the same material as Kevlar and wrapped in a braided nylon.

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