RV Offsite Backup Update


Having an offsite backup in your RV is great, and after a year of use,
I've discovered some ways to make it even better.

Last year I wrote a feature-length article on the data backup system I
set up for my RV (see Kyle's „DIY
RV Offsite Backup and Media Server“
from the June 2018 issue of
LJ). If you haven't read that article yet, I recommend
checking it out first so you can get details on the system. In summary,
I set up a Raspberry Pi media center PC connected to a 12V television
in the RV. I connected an 8TB hard drive to that system and
synchronized all of my files and media so it acted as a kind of
off-site backup. Finally, I set up a script that would attempt to sync
over all of those files from my NAS whenever it detected that the RV was on
the local network. So here, I provide an update on how that
system is working and a few tweaks I've made to it since.

What Works

Overall, the media center has worked well. It's been great to have all
of my media with me when I'm on a road trip, and my son appreciates
having access to his favorite cartoons. Because the interface is
identical to the media center we have at home, there's no learning
curve—everything just works. Since the Raspberry Pi is powered off
the TV in the RV, you just need to turn on the TV and everything fires

It's also been great knowing that I have a good backup of all of my
files nearby. Should anything happen to my house or my main NAS, I know
that I can just get backups from the RV. Having peace of mind about
your important files is valuable, and it's nice knowing in the worst
case when my NAS broke, I could just disconnect my USB drive from the
RV, connect it to a local system, and be back up and running.

The WiFi booster I set up on the RV also has worked pretty well to
increase the range of the Raspberry Pi (and the laptops inside the RV)
when on the road. When we get to a campsite that happens to offer WiFi,
I just reset the booster and set up a new access point that amplifies
the campsite signal for inside the RV. On one trip, I even took it out
of the RV and inside a hotel room to boost the weak signal.


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