Introducing Custom Cloud Playground for Business

Introducing Custom Cloud Playground

Welcome to your team’s own custom, easy-to-deploy, lab environments at a lower cost than running your own servers in the cloud.
Cloud Playground is a current feature unique to Linux Academy, allowing learners to launch any Linux or Windows instances required for using our courses. But because we believe in learn-by-doing, and are committed to continually creating new tools, we added a custom element to this solution. – Enter Custom Cloud Playground for Business

Delivering for our learners

What is most unique about this new offering, is that it puts the control in the hands of the customer. Many of our customers are tech shops, and they often run their own labs. Whether for internal training or regular workshops among their staff and need a full-time solution. These customers communicated to us that maintaining lab environments on their own was expensive and created friction for their staff.  Not to mention the incurred cost when labs are not properly shut down among other, shadow IT costs, the fees alone were crippling. And this, coupled with the difficulty of providing access to hundreds or thousands of staff members were not feasible to continue managing on their own. Now, with the help of this innovative tool, businesses can now host workshops and continuous internal training with ease.
Custom Cloud Playground Demo
Each of our customers has their own individual software installations and configurations they need to train staff — and with Custom Cloud Playground, these unique environments can be deployed with the click of a button.

Eliminating headaches and overwhelming fees

With this offering, we hope to solve some of the primary pain points of running your own lab servers, including:
  • Setup cost and regular maintenance that could be better spent on your unique product offering.
  • The cost of persistent lab environments, which are often left running — one of our customers found it was costing them over $60,000 a year just to run their lab instances!
  • The wait time around getting instance credentials to the proper staff members in time — let your staff spend time on things other than lab user management.
  • Friction connecting to the instances in the environment. Custom Cloud Playground removes the difficulty of setting up VPN connections and providing environments to the staff, at scale.
  • Blocked ports and downloads — good business networks are often restricted, so Custom Cloud Playground works around this by providing a web client so users can easily access their customized environments for continuous training or practice.

Learn more

Sound interesting? This feature is available to new and existing Linux Academy Business customers.
You can follow this link to find out more, or reach out directly to your customer representative.

And for even more information about this release, be sure to attend our December webinar. We’ll be covering everything surrounding Custom Cloud Playground.

Be sure to register ahead of time and secure your spot!


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